SNDT University’s ‘Millet Mission’

SNDT University organised a 2-day conference around millets, as part of the official G20 and W20 program. The event included a scientific conference, a public forum, demonstrations and community competitions, alongside technical sessions and product sampling. The conference was opened by Dr Jagmeet Madan (President, IDA and Principal of SVT College), alongside Lt. Col. Updesh Kumar (Joint Advisor, NITI Aayog), and Padma Shri Dr. Khadar Valli (a.k.a. India’s Millet Man).

The event aimed to:

  • Build awareness and accelerate mainstreaming millets for nutrition, improved livelihoods, and ecological benefits.
  • Discuss challenges and solutions for making millets accessible to the masses to ensure nutritional as well as food security.
  • Facilitate discussions for business opportunities in innovation of millets.
  • Spread awareness about the innovative ways of inclusion of millets into mainstream and functional diets.
  • Collate structured feedback to enhance research inputs and policy through the research paper presentation and experiences shared during the conference.

TBR was invited as a panel speaker alongside the World Bank and Tata Trusts, to share insights about the role millets can play for food security considering sustainability and climate change.