Strengthening Compliance with the Government

India’s Home Ministry has in recent months sharpened scrutiny of overseas funding received by local non-profits. There were 16,383 NGOs that had FCRA licences as on March 10th, and the Ministry has cancelled licences of over 6,600 NGOs in the past five years. “The FCRA law is same for everyone, be it social, educational or environmental NGO,” a Home Ministry official quoted to the Hindustan Times news agency in May, “The rules, including spending on work for which licence has been sought, designated FCRA bank account, administrative expenses and any diversion, all have to be followed.”

After intense scrutiny of our programs, documents, and accounts; we are proud to announce that our FCRA certification has been renewed by the Indian government! Our current certification expires in late Q3 this year, and the new certificate received will extend our credentials well into 2028. We humbly thank everyone who has guided and helped us; and we look forward to supporting more children in need, with our partners.

Strengthening CSR Trust with Companies

Summer in India can be harrowing, to say the least. Heat exhaustion, and dehydration run rampant. DSM Pharmaceuticals entrusted TBR to help children in Maharashtra beat the heat! The company provided its specially formulated fortified fruit juice powder, high quality protein powder, and tasty Vitamin C candies, totalling over Rs.27 lakh INR. Over 4,600 children across the State were refreshed and hydrated with this support. 

The Kelloggs Company is growing the Bright Start program through TBR as well. The breakfast program earlier supported little over 4,300 children in Maharashtra, but as of June the program has expanded to include Gujarat and to support 8,600 children! Thousands of children stand to benefit from this in the academic year. Kelloggs’ global teams also inspected Bright Start centres and spent time with the children to conduct educational activities.