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Millet based nutrition for Mumbai’s TB patients

India has marked 2025 as the goal for the elimination of TB in India, five years before the global goal of 2030. With Mumbai being the cornerstone of the movement, the government has requested all stakeholders – public and private – to work together to achieve this ambitious and worthy goal.

There exists a link between active TB and malnutrition, where the risk of TB increases by 14% for each unit reduction in BMI, and the risk of recurrence is 4 times higher, compared to people with normal weight.

The Central Government, through the National TB Elimination Program (NTEP) granted permission to TBR to support the city of Mumbai. With the support of Dr. Varsha Puri (City Health Officer – TB, Mumbai) and her team, TBR supports two city Wards, and is the very first in the city to provide millet-based nutrition to TB patients!

Over two hundred and fifty children, adolescents and mothers are receiving nutrition support for 6 to 8 months as they receive their treatment from the city. The TBR team conducts regular nutrition workshops for patients, provides meal boxes, prepares low-cost recipes for families, and provides basic phone counselling every month. Patients report feeling more enthusiastic about their recovery, as well as higher energy levels to do daily tasks. With your support, TBR can expand this support to all 24 Wards of Mumbai!